Monday, August 08, 2011

Double Dip Blog Post

I know, I put this one up the last time the market collapsed in on itself, 2008.
But if the recession can double dip, I can double blog post.
And you don't really remember this post anyway...

The Sound of Catastrophe

It’s not like it has to be
The sound of catastrophe

Maybe it was the Russian adrenalin
Maybe it was the fall of consumerism

Even the Berlin Wal-Mart feels the crisis
As Uncle Sam keeps on shouting
“Mr. Producer, cut down those prices!”

Maybe it was the American scheme
Maybe it was an anorexic dream

Shock and awful, bills come due
What’s a Wall Street Sweeper going to do?

It’s not like it has to be
But it sounds like catastrophe

Dead crap becomes fertilizer
The cracks open needed space

Maybe it has to be
So don’t waste the opportunity
Disguised as catastrophe


Credits: poetry by Jay Larsen

Photo brazenly stolen from the Internet without citation or even a thank you or a by your leave.

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