Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Congress Presents: Doom in the Air

The U.S. Congress Presents a Tragicomedy:

The Federal Aviation Administration watches over all our nations airports.  Well at least they did...

Who's that been messing around with the airplanes?  Congress.
Some Congressmen don't want Unions in Airports so they have let the FAA's operating authority expire.  (Holding the whole agency hostage over one or two issues.)

 What do they have to do to fix it?
Just have a meeting and agree to extend it.
 But No.  Congress is losing us $200 million dollars in tax collections every week they let this thing go.  We will have lost over 1.2 Billion dollars by the time Congress comes back to work in September.  This Congress doesn't just want to avoid creating new taxes; they don't even want to collect the ones we already have on the books.  Oh, and the "jobs, jobs, jobs" Congress is so worried about: Well 4,000 FAA workers have been laid off and over 70,000 construction workers who can't work airport construction projects without FAA oversight are out of work as well.
I hope no new pilots need FAA certification.  I hope no mechanics need FAA certification.
Hope all those Congress people make it home safe for their summer vacation.
 Unless there are no planes to fly on.
The Joke?  Congress.

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