Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comic Mashup Black and White Edition

Some times less is more.
Wow!  Nebulus and Baron Von Domino just hijacked my Mashup!
I have heard from a couple of Super Ordinary Living readers that they feared for the old Volume 1 characters.  Well fear not.  Good characters never go to waste.
I wasn't super enthused about continuing the Volume 1 story, but I never wanted to just lose those characters.  There will be room for them in some role or another in Volume 2.  Maybe not what they were used to, but they will be there.  In fact, Domino and his Taser made a cameo appearance in the Purgatory Episode already.  CLICK HERE to SEE.

We will just have to keep exploring Volume 2 together to see what Super Ordinary Living will become.

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