Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Observed Limits

The Cosmos and Human Life.
The Imagination and Comics.
There is some kind of fractal refraction or re-representation of a common theme going on there.
There is an undeniable Vastness to the Universe that is mirrored by the unbridled Imagination of the artist.  But all that limitless scope and power produces little when it is given All of Space and Time to drift in.
There is an unavoidable smallness that limits the motions and presentations available to us in these small human bodies and on these tiny comics pages.
Yet there is something about the boundaries and limits of life and the page with its panels, that creates a magical manifestation that is not possible in the realm of the Infinite.
The focusing lens of limits creates a series of specific flames that burn all the more surprisingly bright and magical because they are NOT infinite.
What good is Infinity if you don't have a Box to keep it in?

Not much, it turns out.

Check out the struggle of the Infinite to become Finite and the Finite to become Infinite in my latest episode of Super Ordinary Living, Between the Panels: a limited web comic in a limitless universe.


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