Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Not Everyone is Happy with The Avengers Movie

I loved the Avengers Movie.
I loved seeing all these Marvel Heroes come to life.
It was not "high art" by any measure, but it was a great action movie, and a very good adaptation of the comic book Avengers.  I have seen it twice already!
But not everyone is happy with the film:
At the end of the film the defeated alien overlord is groveling before a mighty throne out in space.
We get only a brief view of the crinkly chin of the being who apparently was secretly pulling the strings of the Chitauri aliens who were pulling the strings of Loki.  You would be excused for not knowing who that purple chin belongs to.  I thought it was a standard Skrull chin at first.  But the second time I watched the film I noticed it was purple, and Skrulls aren't purple, they're green (unless of course it was a Skrull shape shifting to look like someone with a purple chin).
So that means the chin most likely belongs to Thanos, the Mad Titan.
Does that mean we get Thanos in Iron Man 3 or Thor 2?
Where Thanos treads the Silver Surfer, Nova and Captain Marvel are usually to be found.  That would be cool.  But then Marvel needs to do a full out Guardians of the Galaxy Movie with Rocket Raccoon in it.
More likely would be some as yet unannounced Avengers sequel?
Who knows?
But I would watch any and all of the above mentioned movies.

I bet Thanos is not pleased with his scant screen time in Avengers.  And Thanos does nasty things when he is in a good mood!  So watch out Marvel Movie Universe.

And what the heck is Shawarma anyway?

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