Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Way of Seeing

I got new glasses today.
I’ve had glasses for using the computer for years now.
But these are new—they are for distances.
I thought my distance vision was good.
I had no complaints.
I could read road signs.
I can read the clock from across the room.
But I put on my new glasses and everything was different.
Everything jumped into focus.
Everything had more distinct edges.
Off—smoky and blurry.
On—clear and sharp.
Off—Chinese water color.
I was kind of pissed off.
Another shitty thing about getting older.
But now I am wondering.
Will it be better now to switch back and forth?
Some details are worth seeing.
Put on the glasses.
Some things are more pleasing
With an artistic softness to them.
Take those things off.

It is always worthwhile having
A new way of seeing.
That is why those cameras
Have all those fancy lenses.

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