Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peacing Myself Together

Peace is not the absence of War
Love is not the absence of Hate
Hope is not the absence of Despair
Acceptance is not the absence of Rejection

They are like muscles
They require exercise to grow
They are not things
They are not nouns
They are verbs
They require action
They are actions
They are not the absence of their opposites
They have no opposites
They need doing

Loving is a full body, full soul, full mind activity
Love someone
Start with yourself
Hope with all your heart
Accept those around you
Open your arms and your eyes
Reach out to the world
Like you reach out to your lover
And afterward, after a healthy period
Of divine wrestling
Of lowering your personal shields
Of unfolding your desires like a flower
Afterward, when you fall back exhausted
You will know Peace

And then you can start again

Which muscles will you exercise today?
Which verbs will define your actions?
Do not just be the absence of things
Fill your self up


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