Thursday, May 31, 2007

News Mash

The News has some very interesting collisions today.
Bush wants the U.S. to stay in Iraq like we have in Korea, for 50 years.
Russia’s President says U.S. Imperialism is starting a new arms race.
The United States ranks 96th out of 121 in a list of the most peaceful nations.
And Alabama’s Governor says that slavery was evil and signed a resolution apologizing for his state’s role in slavery.

What does it all mean? I don’t know….
But it is possible that 50 years from now we may still be in Iraq, and maybe we will know who the enemy is and where the front lines are by then. But we will be bankrupt from building bigger and more powerful weapons to keep us ahead of the Russians. Yemen will still be more peaceful than the U.S. and we will still be 90 years away from apologizing for invading Iraq.
My Magic 8 Ball says, "Try Again Later"

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