Friday, October 14, 2011

Earth Shaking Revelations of the Comic Mashup Theater Kind

Our Hero Returns for an Earth Shaking Episode of Comic Mashup Theater Presents:
 Lars tries to get his message of hope to the occupants of Earth via mass media.
 But commercial interests twist and warp his message.
So he does what any Martian Hero would do...
 He gives one last twist to his giant knob and kicks his feet in the air.
But Wait!
The broadcasters have changed their programming in response.
 Ah, probing journalistic questions will get to the bottom of this mystery.
 What Next?  What is that Queer Glow?
Classic questions.

 What?  What is up with all the "what" questions?
Shit, now I'm doing it?
Audience, only you can solve this mystery.
Ah, a "Who" question.  Much better.  Earthlings prefere blame over understanding anyway.
Anyone know who we can blame for the sorry state of the Earth?
 Speak up, you in the lab coat, there is no such thing as a stupid accusation.
 What?  What does lobster have to do with anything?
Why am I asking "what" questions again?
Oh good, Lars is back.
Lars, help us!
 I know we earthlings can be frustrating, Lars, but come on, we need you.
 How long will it take to banish all evil from the Earth, you think?
And leave the lobsters claws out of it.
You, the panel of grey-haired elders in the box seats, what do you think?
 Well that's pretty declarative!
And depressing.
How did we get into this mess?
Too Many Comic Books!

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