Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spellbinding Cycles of Evil in Thrilling Comic Mashup Theater

Put on your helmet and get ready for more excitement than can be safely contained within this episode of Comic Mashup Theater Presents:
 Beer Steins Beware.
You are in the presence of Baron Von Evilstein!

 The frenzy of that same Master of Evil, Baron Von Evilstein
(who also happens to be a giant jumping shark)
 Breathtaking stunt!  But that poor Professor X...
 It can be hard to absorb this kind of shock.
The shock of a shark that jumps himself.
And helpless psychics in wheelchairs.
Oh, the ecstasy of the irrevocably damned be damned.
But Behold, the Baron's Von Evilness has only begun...
 Brought low by exhaust from his mighty pipe.
 That's just Von Weird your Baronness, Sir.
What's that, Igor?
What insight into the mind of your Von Evil Master can you provide us?
 Don't think I don't know what you are expecting next.
But the Baron never delivers the Von Expected.
And there are no demons in this story.
 The Von Endstein
*Baron Von Evilstein action figure sold separately.
Jumping Shark not included.

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