Monday, October 03, 2011

99% Occupy Wall Street Mashup

 People have been protesting on Wall Street for over 2 weeks now.
But the Too Big To Fail Bankers don't understand why.
 But ordinary people are wising up to the fact that 1% of the people shouldn't control so much of our public policy and our economy.
So people have taken to the streets.
 The bankers thought it was amusing as long as the news was ignoring the protest.
But when people started paying attention, well arrests had to be made.  700 arrests just on Sunday.
 I'm sure the Bankers feel they have everything under control.
A few protesters can't change the fact that the Bankers own the government and the media.
(Especially Fox News' famous Ormex Rays--the rays that make people vote against their own self interests.  There is no other good explanation for the so-called Tea Party.)
They don't even hide what they are doing anymore.
They think it is fine to skim 20 to 30% off of every economic transaction that we engage in to make the top 1% very, very wealthy.  They openly brag that capital is worth more than work, and capitalists are worth more than workers.  As long as the workers work and pay and work and pay.
And if we give into their demands for more and more wealth,
they will let something trickle down to the rest of us...
Doesn't that trickle down theory of economics taste good?
Then you must be one of the 99%
Welcome to the Street.