Sunday, October 30, 2011

Siona and Andrew

My oldest daughter Siona called me at One in the Morning last night to tell me she and her boyfriend Andrew were getting married.
This is not a cruel as it might at first sound.
There is a long tradition of waking the parents up in the middle of the night to announce engagements in my family.
My parents woke up my mother's folks, my grandparents, to announce their intention of getting married.  My grandmother told them "Go to bed and get some sleep.  You will feel better in the morning."
So when Evelyn and I finally agreed that we were getting married, at one or two in the morning, we woke up my parents to share the good news.  And my mom told us to go to bed and we would feel better in the morning.
I was very sleepy when Siona called last night, but I knew what was expected of me.  And I think I delivered the customary response correctly: "Go to sleep and you will feel better in the morning."
Hopefully I delivered my line with the good natured humor my Grandmother and mother did.  Ah, Family tradition!

Fear not, Evelyn and I are quite please to welcome Andrew into the family, and we are very happy for Siona.
I decided to create an Engagement Announcement for my not-so-little girl.
I hope it captures the joy of the moment...
   -- Jay "Nervous-But-Happy-Dad" Larsen

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