Monday, October 17, 2011

Steamcon 3 was last weekend

The Larsens attended Steamcon 3 at the Bellevue Hyatt last weekend.
And a good time was had by all.
The theme was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
These pictures are all from my iPhone.  Hopefully some of Evelyn's look better than these.
 So I put on my pseudo-military uniform for Saturday's festivities.
There were lots of people, most in appropriately modified Victorian dress.
 Fezzes are cool.
This is a wooden submarine constructed from a barrel.
This gentleman was perpetrating an unnecessary arms race.
But he had created a fabulous gizmo.  There were lots of gizmos.
I'm not sure what she was.  But there was black latex involved.
And it seemed to be attracting the attention of sailors. 
This gentleman had constructed elaborate harnesses.  Very cool.
 Sunday Chani sported her Submariner's uniform.  Quite dashing!
Lady Evelyn and I wore civilian dress for Sunday.
Suitable for a stroll in the Market or for the gambling houses.
 This lady made a virtue of her requirement for crutches by punking them out in brass.

This gentleman was very proud of his handmade utility vest with a large collection of real antique tools.
We took a family portrait from the control tower of a steam powered ship of the line.

Then we toured a submarine with a Captain named Nemo.
 Even the dogs at SteamCon wore goggles.
 It was only a matter of time until the giant squid attacked!
 Chani laid into the monster with her walking stick.

Evelyn was not worried in the least and kept her cool.
In fact, I think she enjoyed my perilous predicament a little too much.
 Chani redoubled her efforts, giving the tentacles a great whack.
 Evelyn taught the beast a lesson with her whip.
Chani pronounced the beast dead and we were able to continue on in relative safety.
 Evelyn and this lady shared the great fortune of constructing their garments from the same fabric.
 We went to several panel discussions, including the one above on Steampunk Comics with Cheyenne Wright and Phil Foglio (of Genius Girl Comics Fame).  We also went to panels that discussed Automatons, the Singing of Sea Shanties, and a Discussion of Hollow Earth Theories.
Intellectually stimulating and satisfactory.
We also purchased a few things at the market, but nothing as large as this man's wrench.
But soon the event wound down and there was nothing to do but ride off into the sunset, leaving our Steampunk friends behind.  And so we returned to our mundane life.  Hopefully we carried some of that adventuring spirit of do-it-yourself style that is Steampunk with us.