Friday, July 27, 2007

Cows in my Yard

One of my neighbor's cows pushed through our fence and was running loose in my pasture yesterday night. The fence bent out like a funnel or an old-fashioned fish trap. The cow got through but couldn't get back. Meanwhile the rest of herd was trying to decide whether to come on through and join the party on my property.

Staring into the eyes of this beast at close range I realised just how big cows are. And how small I am. A scared cow is a scary thing. The cow was running around getting frantic and I was afraid cows and people might get hurt.

With a lot of team work from the wife and kids, my daughter's boyfriend, and the neighbors who own the cows we managed to open up the fence (literally by taking it apart), and we herded the frightened cow through the gap so she could join her herd. Then we had to rebuild the fence and get things back to normal. I guess good fences do make good neighbors.


Kind of made me think about the Bush Administration. They have been pushing through the fences and doing things they shouldn't. If a group of concerned citizens can get together, I think we can herd this administration back to their side of the fence. Then we need the Congress to repair the lines between Executive Power and Congressional Power and Judicial Power. When each herd operates inside its Constitutional fences things just work better. But we have really let these old bulls push the old fences down. If we are going to be good neighbors, we need to fix those fences. The Bush Administration looks big and intimidating, but citizens working together can put them back in their assigned place.
Credits: Original Painting by Jay Larsen

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