Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Rumi, that wild Dervish,
Reminds me to take heed,
“Value the water more
and the vessel less.”

He says it with plain ease.

Not knowing what to think
Confused and dizzy for a time
I begin to list
The vessels in my life:

Coffee mugs and beer glasses
The well dug in my backyard
Urns, vases, jugs and buckets
Vessels all, I'm sure
But Rumi means something more
Perhaps vessels less apparent
Like notes holding a musical score
Some books carry untold riches
Others volumes could be hauling dung
Bibles, Korans and Sutras uncounted
Each cradles its share of the load
My wife
My heart
My children’s eyes
Each holds a sweet drop or two
Our houses
Our churches
Our schools and offices
Perhaps even me and you
Vessels all
Some worthy of respect
Some obviously not so much
Vessels tainted
Vessels cracked
Some vessels pure and whole

But what is this water
Which can be contained
In vessels of such various kind?

Now that is a question
Worth the pondering
An ocean of depth
Well worth the drowning

More and Less
Such a river in Rumi's mind

Words assembled by me, Jay Larsen.
Collage by Me of various water vessels piled on top of a painting of a river painted by Me.
Rumi was a poet of incredible passion. He wrote his stuff all by himself. I had nothing to do with it.
You reading this, again, has nothing to do with Me.
Take some responsibility.

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