Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Interdependence Day

We strive to be
Strong Americans
Fully boot-strapped

A quick look around
Reveals ignored connections
There is a rainforest in my coffee
Cotton farmers in my pants
Geeks and nerds in my blog
Pharaoh’s gold in my ring
Stars in my romance

We find our selves
Strongly connected
Reliant on others
Human, animal and mineral

So welcome to the matrix
The web that supports us all
A million unnamed strangers
Make sure we can live our lives
Without knowing your name
Or mine

Thank you, everybody
I hope you all have a
Happy Interdependence Day

Credits: The sculpture is called Paradox, by Micael Bergt (http://www.mbergt.com/)

The photo was taken by me: it is my daughter Chani's hand on a cottonwood tree in Arizona.

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