Wednesday, July 25, 2007

John Edwards: spell that H-I-L-L-A-R-Y

Has anyone else noticed how the mainstream media fauns over Hillary Clinton?

Right Wing and Left Wing pundits all agree, Hillary is the Democratic Candidate of choice.

But whose choice? They aren't leaving that up to the citizens. They are proclaiming Hillary the only good choice in the Democratic field. Even when they talk about other candidates, oh yeah there are other candidates, they still subtly and not-so-subtly remind us that Hillary is who we should be looking at.

The New York Times did a focus piece on John Edwards and filled half the accompanying photo with HILLARY.

Why would the mainstream media want Hillary as the Democratic candidate?

That is an easy one. The mainstream media is all Corporate Media. And the Corporate majority shareholders want Hillary. She is a proven corporate agent, while some of the other Democratic candidates are not clearly in corporate pockets. Edwards made his law career suing big corporations and Obama is new and as yet unpurchased. So if a Democrat is going to win, it needs to be Hillary with her clear corporate allegiances.

On the Republican side? The corporate world is not too worried. Ron Paul doesn't have a chance, and all the other candidates are known corporate players. So any Republican but Paul is a corporate win.

Hillary vs. Any Republican is a Corporate wet dream. Too bad the American voter has been so sidelined by the process. The Parties prepick our top two choices for us and we just get to rubber stamp one or the other. That is not a real choice.

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