Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Look at The Avengers Movie

Entertainment Weekly has some photos from the new Avengers Movie, which is in production right now.  I couldn't help but re-present a few for you and me.

Holy Projectiles Batman, that's some hot lead and broad heads headed our way.
(Batman doesn't exist in the Marvel Universe.  But Hawkeye could put Nick Fury's eye out with that shaft of his.)
 Steve Rogers and Tony Stark can't take their eyes off that red-headed ex-Russian spy, but they are red-blooded American boys after all.
 But if the boys watch Black Widow for too long, there are bound to be explosions!
I know how they feel.
That probably should have been a Mashup, but any excuse for showing sexy red-headed spies is a good excuse.  Apparently Joss Whedon agrees with me.  Looking forward to the movie. 
Avengers Assemble!

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