Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comic Mashup Theater Presents: Captain of Science and Industry

And now a word from our sponsor
* Rupture Easer is not right for all patients.  Consult your heath care provider to see if sanitary trusses are appropriate for you.  Product can sometimes be seen under clothing.  May cause rash, feelings of insecurity, pulsating, hideous absorption, and Venusian Jungle Sucking.  In rare cases trusses have caused gouging, gulping, slithering, unbearable pain, tone-deafness, belief in unusual corporate coincidences, pipe smoking, cucumber pickles, pipe organs and an existential longing for thrilling space adventures.  If you do not experience immediate comfort, return unused product postage paid and receive a full years subscription to Boy's Life Magazine**
** Boy's Life is not affiliated with Piper Brace Company in any way.  The fact that we have the same address is purely a coincidence.  You believe in coincidences, right?

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