Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comic Mashup Theater Presents: The Two Doctors

Comic Mashup Theater Presents:
A Tale of Two Doctors

 First Up: Doctor Who.
The last episode of the season is coming up soon
Doom!  Wait your turn. 
 Any way, so we are all wondering how the Doctor (Who that is) is going to end this season without ending himself.  We have already seen the astronaut in the lake shoot him.  We have already seen the viking funeral.  How does the Doctor survive this?
It is a mystery, like how do Daleks have sex.
You want to know how Daleks have sex, right?
Ah come on! Be Brave.
I present, here for the first time, Daleks having sex:
 Pretty Exciting Stuff, eh?
OK, OK.  Bring on Doctor Doom.
Damn that Victor Von Doom, he's never around when you want him.
Has anyone seen Doctor Doom?
 Somebody Bring me the head of Doctor Doom!
 That's kind of gross, now that I see it...
Dead Doctor Doom Dome on a Platter.  Kind of a Downer.
 Maybe a "real" doctor can give us something to pep us up again?
 Call your doctor if you are up for four days until four o'clock.
Ask your doctor is you are healthy enough to take the formula.
*Tropisan Formula is not for everyone.  Discontinue use if you experience reruns, plagiarism, talking-head syndrome, or extreme sophistication.  Contact your Doctor if you drive your girlfriend crazy.  Serious side effects can include but are not limited to obsessive-dalek-sexism, dry mouth, Skrull invasion, Latverian groveling, feelings of monarchy, megalomania, Kirby Dots, and dismembered dictator head on a platter.  Ask your physician if you are healthy enough to install two bathtubs on a hill overlooking the ocean. 

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