Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comic Mashup Theater Presents: Mail Bag Mashup

Comic Mashup Theater Presents: Your Letters
Hide-E-Hoe Intrepid Readers, It’s Jay Bird Larsen, you feather-brained editor in chief here at Comic Mashup Theater, or CMT as all the hipsters call it.
We hope you are enjoying our peculiar blend of out-of-context comics, juvenile humor, worshipful homage, and out-right plagiarism.  The letters from readers have been poor, I mean pouring in.  So we thought we would take a page/post or two to bask in your admiration, answer your probing questions, and deny those nasty rumors (I did not name my oldest child, Kirby!)
Franklin from New York asks: How come most of your comics are so old and funny looking? 
Good question, Franky.  Well speaking quite frankly, we use older comics for two reasons.  One: Old comics represent a world view that is different from our modern view.  So they seem “funny” to us.  There is a lot of unintentional humor in those olde timey turns of phrase.  Two: Most of those olde timey artists are dead, so they are less likely to sue us.  (Well, Frankfurter our Legal Department thinks we should take that last bit out, so we’ll only include it in our private response to you and won’t actually post it to the blog.)  -- Ooops! Sorry about that JB.  It did actually make it onto the blog.  I'll see if Tech Support can cut it. Copy Editor Zen Mondo.
Barbara G from Gothemburg Sweden asks: Are you trying to tell me that Thor was once a frog?  That’s ridiculous.  That’s as ridiculous as asking people to believe some childhood trauma would be enough to convince someone to dress up like a bat (or a devil, or a spider, or you get the idea) and hunt bad guys?
Well Barb, you need to get out more.  Those wacky guys at Marvel Comics actually did turn Thor into a frog for several issues.  We didn’t make it up, we just mock it.  As for your Post Traumatic Superheroism question, there would be no comics if it weren’t for improbable adolescent trauma!  A world without trauma would be a world without heroes, so we here at CMT say “Bring On the Trauma!”  As long as it is printed in Four Colors (and kept out of the real world) trauma is okay with us.  As is animal-themed costuming.  And Spandex.  Only serious trauma would get me into a Spandex costume, let me tell ya.
King Utio of Gehenna asks: What is it with your Volcano Demon obsession?  Don’t you know that demonius volcanus is an endangered species and protected by conservation of energy laws in at least 4 dimensions?  So they live in a volcano.  So #*$@-ing what!?  Bloggers post on their blogs!  The White House is white!  Baseball has bases and a ball!  Stop this overtly apparent racist and speciesist persecution immediately!  We are NOT amused!!!
Yikes, Mr. so-called-king Utio (we don’t recognize monarchies here at CMT—It’s not that they don’t exist, we just have trouble recognizing them when we see them) way to fill out your word balloons with BOLD EXCLAMATIONS!!!  Well done.  But some of that bile should be left in thought bubbles, or thought clouds.  They are much more polite and courtious than angry word balloons.  By the way, Captain Obvious and crew here at CMT LOVE VolcanoDemons.  We think they’re swell.  So don’t get your cinder cones in a fumarole! Oh and by the way, We ARE amused...  8-) 
Well, that’s all we have time for now.  But keep those letters coming.  And remember, in October all Comic Mashup Theater Presentations on the Blog will be available at 40% off retail.
Until next time remember our motto:
 MMMCCE!  Make Mine Mashup for Cheap Comic Effect! 

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