Thursday, September 22, 2011

Comic Mashup Theater Presents: I Spy With My One Eye...

Comic Mashup Theater Presents:
A Cosmic Tale of a Family Lost in Space.
And the games bored families will play when trapped in a vehicle together...
 "Mom!  Sis is touching me."
"Shut up you little monsters!  I can't hear the scene-setting narration disguised as dialog."
 "You shut up!  If you keep being rude the villain will never reveal his diabolical plan."

 "That's not a secret!  That's just cheap fortune cookie philosophy."
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
 "No Singing in the space car, your father gets headaches."
"Are you saying I'm sickly?"
"Don't be so touchy, Dear."
 "Slug Bug!"
 "I've gotta go.  Is there a Rest Station in this galaxy?"
 "Are we there yet?"
 "I spy with my little eye, some thing that starts with Vee."
 "Ahhhh, we saw the Volcano Demons already."
 "Shut up Mr Villain.  I don't know why we took you on this road trip?"

Did you see the "weapon" Sis was using on that poor cyclops?
Kids today have no respect for their parents sex toys.

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