Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Comic Mashup Theater: The Secret of the Box

Comic Mashup Theater presents a mystery of epic proportions!
 Behold the Box of Secrets. 
What epic mysteries of box-like proportions can it present? 
 Surely you do not know what is in the box.
We can tell because of all those question marks floating around your mystified face.
 Do not call the authorities and ask them what is in the Box!
Dare you to ask HER?
PAIN?  That is the great Secret of the Box? Pain?
What is that noise?
Blue Blazes!  And It's Bigger on the Inside!
Comic Mashup Theater would like to apologise for the lameness of the secret of the box.
And just so you feel like you haven't walked away from this experience empty handed,
we offer this educational factoid as a our parting gift to you:
There, don't you feel just a little bit smarter now?
What do you mean, why aren't they called Ecuador hats?
Yes, of course you have to smoke a pipe to wear a hat like that.
Panama hats are cool.
Take your box and go home now.

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