Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jet City Comic Show 2011 Recap

The Larsen Family, otherwise known as The Arlington Brigade of the Guardians of the Galaxy, spent a fun and rewarding day at the Jet City Comic Show 2011 in Seattle on Saturday.
We were sporting our matching jackets, designed and made by my talented wife, Evelyn.  Our outfits got lots of nice comments.  And we saw several other Steam Punkers at the show as well.
The show was a nice size for a one day show and featured a lot of local talent.

 Siona "Cosmic Babe" and Chani "Super Chick Girl" got cartoon portraits of each other.  Chani looks pretty good with a cape!
 There were lots of Star Wars costumes as well as the ever-present Wolverine, a Thorina and several others decked out for the show.
 We bought so much stuff we had to take a trip to the car in the middle of the day.  So we walked over to McMenamins for lunch and coffee.  We needed the coffee before heading back to the show.
 Met a lot of great writers and authors, including Jake Richmond (above) who is the creator of Modest Medusa--a great web comic. 

Jake has his first Medusa book coming out in November.  I am one of his Kickstarter supporters, so I'll be getting one in the mail when they come off the presses, but you can read it for free on the Modest Medusa website.
Picked up some beautiful books called The Locked Maze by  Emily Ivie aka MLEIV.
I'm really looking forward to reading them.

 Brought some Spiderman books for Randy Emberlin (above) to sign.
Spent time talking with Randy and his lovely wife
 I also picked up a signed Spiderman print (above) by Randy as well as a Zatana print and a autographed Silver Surfer (below).  That's the closest I will ever come to riding the cosmic surfboard.
 Then there were all the vendors with their treasure troves of comics and toys and such.
Evelyn and I dived into the stacks looking for back issues to fill out the holes in my collection.
And we found lots and lots of comics.  Damn You Dollar Comics!!! (Shakes fist in the air in a dramatic but ironic manner.)  We brought home a mega pile of books: Dr Strange, Kabuki, Silver Surfer, Invaders, that one Alpha Flight #7 I have been missing for years, some What Ifs, even a Godzilla attacking Seattle book.  Lots of good stuff.
Thank the Eternals that Evelyn brought her incredible carpet bag of holding.
Now I have to catalog and read all these things...
Damn, I hate that part.  *-)

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